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Therapy through neutron activation using nanoparticles


Abstract : Brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy) is often proposed as a complement to surgery and/or chemotherapy, and sometimes as an alternative. Oncologists are looking for improved anti-tumoral therapies with treatment less-invasive, less expensive, more comfortable to the patient, and more effective. The aim of THERANEAN is to develop and validate a brachytherapy methodology for solid cancers treatment based on the use of sub-micro particles with a β-/g-emitting lanthanide oxide core, activated, already in pharmaceutical form, in a dedicated neutron activation system driven by a cyclotron.

Objectives : The THERANEAN objectives are: -To design and construction of a high-power (70 MeV – 350 mA) neutron activator coupled with the ARRONAX cyclotron in Nantes. - To Synthesize & characterise Ho-oxide, nanoparticles of different sizes (50-800 nm) and GMP production of pharmaceutical preparation of particles suspensions. - To realise and optimise a medical device for the safe and versatile and effective injection of activated nanoparticles. - To develop and valide a specific Monte Carlo dosimetric method based on SPECT/CT data

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Img 1: The logo of the project (Copyright: L.Maciocco)

Img 2: A prototype of the device

Img 3: Imaging of 166Ho loaded nanoparticles injected in a rat