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Innovation for improved care

CERMA was dedicated to develop a Targeted Multi Therapy (TMT) delivering several active agents locally through a minimally invasive procedure. Its main focus is oncology

The CERMA solution :

CERMA offers a complete solution to treat solid tumors thanks to an innovative medical device that permits a multi therapeutic approach based on a minimally invasive devices. First, the tumor mass is physically drastically reduced by thermoablation and then, delivering intratumorally chemical, immunological or radioactive agents. Moreover, this innovation anticipate iterative treatments through a locally implantable microtube.

Appareil Cerma

The CERMA device showing the
long tube with at is end the microtube

El Tatio, Chile

These geyzers providing high temperature
vapor remind that the first active
agent proposed in the TMT technique
was hot vaporized water

The hot vaporized water as it is exhausted
from the microtube (four micro-holes)